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Below are just a fraction of the voluminous objective reporting on the true nature the GOP ‘self inflicted wounds‘ fueled by oppositional ideologues (aka K Street Beltway Bandits) courtesy of their ‘weapons of mass deception‘ campaign narrative alleging the non-existent ACA ‘death spiral‘.


Just one look at the historical rise of heath insurance premiums, an abject failure of the health insurance industry to manage clinical risk, has been a well established trend well before the ACA was  passed in 2010.

Is ACA in death spiral? FALSE

The ACA is not in a death spiral, but the Republican plan to defund Obamacare will lead to one

To be sustainable, the individual market under the ACA requires sufficient enrollment numbers and a balanced risk profile. It also requires a stable regulatory environment that facilitates fair competition, with sufficient health insurer participation and plan offerings. Experience from the first three years of the ACA varies, with the markets in some states faring relatively well. More typically however, the results thus far indicate the need for improvement along most of these measures.  – American Academy of Actuaries 2017

Is Obamacare in a ‘death spiral’?

This Blame Game Is Driving Up Health Insurance Costs

Obamacare markets aren’t in a death spiral, say actuaries

Are the ACA exchanges really in a death spiral? We asked the experts.

UPDATE: CBO: *WITH* ACA, exchange growth pretty much done…but no death spiral either

An Evaluation of the Individual Health Insurance Market and Implications of Potential Changes

Federal Subsidies Under the Affordable Care Act for Health Insurance Coverage Related to the Expansion of Medicaid and Non-group Health Insurance: Tables from CBO’s January 2017 Baseline

CBO Releases Report On Private Health Insurance Premiums And Federal Policy

Slower Premium Growth Under Obama

State-by-State Look at Employer Health Insurance Costs Finds Workers’ Premium Contributions and Deductibles Growing More Slowly But Eating Up Greater Share of Incomes

Here’s What’s Happened to Health Care Costs in America in the Obama Years

2016 Employer Health Benefits Survey

Anatomy of a Slow-Motion Health Insurance Death Spiral (Abstract only: Paywall)

Covered California Continues to Attract Sufficient Enrollment and a Good Risk Mix Necessary for Marketplace Sustainability